General Information

A great website for general information and research information on the gut microbiome.

A fun and informative website by Mac twins Alana and Lisa.  They are DJs by night and by day are part of Tim Spector’s twin research project on the gut microbiome (and genetics).

The website of Lianne the biome blogger, a long term psoriasis sufferer who cured her issues through a diet that nourished her gut microbiome.


Some useful websites on making fermented foods, which are full of beneficial bacteria to help us to steer our gut microbiome towards health. Sandor Katz’s Website  My fermentation revivalist hero! – The website of Dom Anfiteatro – one of the main kefir and fermented food gurus – the site is not all that well laid out but it is very informative.

Fermenting Courses

These people have run courses that I have attended, so I can personally and unreservedly recommend them. Learning from another human rather than a book or youtube is a special thing.

The fabulous Katie and Gordon at Tracebridge Sourdough do both sourdough and fermented vegetable-making courses from their base near Wellington, Somerset. Not only that, you get to cook the sourdough in a traditional wood oven.

Naomi Devlin is holding her courses all over the place – Otter Farm, River Cottage, Borough Market – there is no stopping her and her down-to-earth no-nonsense approach to loving our microbes.

Mark Diacono is doing wonderful things at Otter Farm too with a diverse range of courses being run from his home and a great purpose-built kitchen right next door (looked like a GREAT venue for a party to me….)

Fermented Vegetables and Drinks by Post

Alana Holloway’s discovery of the healing power of fermented foods is a moving story. You can read it in our interview section – here is the link.  The health benefits she experienced from regularly consuming fermented foods drove her to set up Fermented by LAB as a way of making good quality, delicious fermented foods and drinks easily accessible to everyone. It is a subscription service – you can order regularly, irregularly, just as a one off or even as a gift for someone else.  And when you do order from Fermented by LAB, you will receive a seasonal range of thoughtfully crafted, beautifully presented, organic and gut-loving fermented foods and drinks to help nurture a healthy body and mind.

Stool Testing

A new service headed up by Tim Spector (Professor of Genetics and specialist in the gut microbiome) which enables us, via stool tests, to map the bacteria that inhabit our gut and then analyse those results and advise us accordingly. 

Similar to Map My Gut but Ubiome allows “citizen scientists” to carry out these tests directly with Ubiome rather than via a health practitioner.