The Whys and Wherefores

What? Sauerkrautathon 2018 is a collaborative Guinness World Record attempt to make the largest recorded dish of bacterially fermented sauerkraut.
Where? 10am-4pm Sunday 14 October 2018 Wells Food Festival. Entry is free.
Why? Because sauerkraut is cheap and easy to make, it tastes delicious and it supports gut health – which is crucial to our all-round health.
Who? Partners in Brine – Katie Venner (Tracebridge and Jo Webster (

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Dearbhla Reynolds

The ‘Kraut Report – 24 April

  • I have returned from my 5 day residential fermenting course with Sandor Katz at his off-grid home at Walnut Ridge, Tennessee. It was a totally mind-expanding experience and I feel so privileged to have been able to participate. My family didn’t think it possible that I could be MORE enthusiastic about all things fermented but, after 5 days with Sandor, I AM!
  • Sandor very kindly agreed to model our Sauerkrautathon 2018 apron (as did all the other fantastic attendees on the course).
  • Katie has been working hard on the Sauerkrautathon 2018 website in my absence and I am pleased to announce that it will go live in the next day or so.
  • Which is good, because we will be appearing at Toby’s Garden Festival, Powderham Castle on Friday 27 April to do a fermentation demo, so we will be spreading the word about Sauerkrautathon 2018 at the same time.
  • We are still trying to work out a plan for sourcing a fully calibrated set of industrial scales. This has led to some entertaining suggestions – for example ” just weigh a van, fill it with the sauerkraut and drive the van onto a weigh bridge” which, whilst it would make for a highly amusing experience, probably wouldn’t pass food hygiene standards for storage of sauerkraut?! We have a couple of lovely people helping us try to solve this one but if anyone has any bright ideas in the meantime, please do make contact using the link below…..

Sauerkrautathon 2018 Needs YOU

Could you:

Volunteer on the day?
Volunteer as an Independent Assessor?
Volunteer as our Weights & Measures Specialist?
Sponsor Kitchen Equipment?
Sponsor Kilner Jars?
Sponsor the Aprons?
Sponsor the Educational Programme?
Sponsor/Donate 100 litre Vats?
Be our Video evidence specialist?

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