Wondergut Week Commencing 9 December 2017

The last few weeks have been pretty nuts. But largely in a good way. There has been no shortage of school performances from the FCs, plenty going on with Wondergut, as well as studying formally again for the first time in many years. Risk of boredom is pretty much zero. Anyway, given the omnipresent pressure of finite time resources, it would be good to have some feedback as to how useful you are all finding Wondergut Week. Could you could respond to me either via the website comment section, facebook, twitter or instagram – in any way you fancy in fact – to tell me if you find this resource a) Useful – I am making changes b) Interesting but I am not yet making changes or c) Irritating? This will enable me to work out how best to use the time I have available for Wondergut. Thank you all!

If you would like to print off this Wondergut Week – here is the link.

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Food Critics’ Verdict, if worth listening to

Saturday   Jo away all day – study Slow Cooked Ratatouille Chakchouka accompanied by sourdough bread & a chicory & rocket salad. (p164 200 Slow Cooker Recipes – here is the link to the recipe. We are swapping dumplings for eggs). Another good ratatouille recipe. There was enough left over for me to shove it in a flask for lunch at college the next day too.
Sunday  Messed-up day so Jamie’s turn to cook was postponed

Jo away all day – study

Georgie – concert early evening – Keith & boys attending.

Duck Breasts with Pomegranate Seeds & Mint accompanied by baked potatoes, baked fennel & courgettes. (p210 Nigella Express – here is the link to the recipe).


Always very popular – & rather a treat. Pomegranates have been linked to supporting the bacteria Akkermansia muciniphila (which is involved in managing the mucus lining of our gut – assuming of course, we have not annihilated this bacteria out of existence already) so this is something I have started buying once in a while. Admittedly, the duck was more popular than the pomegranate seeds but it all went down the same way.
Monday  White Onion Soup with Gruyere croutes accompanied by cucumber, pepper & celery (Sainsbury’s Magazine December 2017 – here is the link to the recipe). I was very distracted tonight & I rather randomly increased the amount of soup without increasing the amount of onions, so it was a tad watery. 50% of the FCs emptied their bowls nonetheless & the other 2 had a good go. Toby made the cheesy croutons with sourdough bread – fab
Tuesday  Sam & Jamie Christmas Performance – supper club. Goat’s Cheese, Squash & Walnut Tart accompanied by January king cabbage & baked Portobello mushrooms (p107 Sainsbury’s Magazine December 2017 – here is the link to the recipe). It was just 3 of us for dinner tonight. I was tempted to swerve to toast & salad but I didn’t. I had to prep the pastry (I made my own) & cook the squash the night before but that did make it quicker to construct the tart. Georgia did the construction as I was working but I didn’t tell her I had cooked up all our left-over squash so I had cooked double the recipe’s squash requirement. She shoved it all in the tart so it was a VERY squash-laden tart. Had it not been for this, it would have been very tasty….
Wednesday  Fish Day

Georgie Rehearsals

Ollie & Darcey to tea

Crumbed Pesto Fish with Roasted Cherry Toms accompanied by potatoes, broccoli, spinach & beans (p184 Every Day Super Food by Jamie Oliver – here is the link to the recipe ). Wondergut Winner: Pesto again! This was easy, delicious & packed herbs, tomatoes, pine nuts & vegetables into one meal. The fish haters ate some of the fish because of the pesto topping – result!
Thursday  Georgie School Performance – need to be back out the door by 6.45pm Red Cabbage & Cashew Biryani accompanied by Brussel sprouts, dandelion leaves & radicchio (p101 River Cottage Much More Veg – here is the link to the recipe). Georgia & I loved this & it was easy to make too. I put in too much chilli so far as the male FCs were concerned so I need to try this one again with less chilli next time. Again, there was enough left over for me to have for lunch the next day which is healthy as well as saving me precious time.
Friday We moved to Somerset this day in 2011 Bean Tacos with Guacamole accompanied by lots of chopped lettuce & grated cheese. Here is the link to the guacamole recipe. Never unpopular in the Wondergut household & the blathering about having beans rather than mince is reducing.

© Jo Webster December 2017

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