Wondergut Week Commencing Saturday 4 November 2017

A pizza-heavy week was had but in my defence, it was home-made sourdough pizza and it was all in the name of research for The Francis Project! See Monday’s report for an explanation – and let us know if you fancy rolling it out at a school near you….

If you would like to print off this Wondergut Week – here is the link.

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Food Critics’ Verdict, if worth listening to

Saturday  Family Bonfire Night

Toby away

Bonfire Soup (Bonfire Night tradition) accompanied by sausages & fried red onions in seedy buns (here is the link to the soup recipe).

Chocolate Bark (here is the link to the recipe).

Wondergut Winner: This soup is just delicious, popular with all the FCs & a little out of the ordinary to help with our diversity levels. It is too tasty to only have on Bonfire Night but I do love it from a thermos flask in front of a fire in the garden. Since we moved into town, we have less room for a Bonfire Night inferno & having one involves scorching most of the lawn. Anyway, last night I had a brainwave – have the fire on a vegetable bed. This led to a rapid and complete harvest of our beetroot to make room, but the fire was wicked. We now have quite a lot of beetroot to get through…
Sunday  Jamie’s turn to cook Family Tea Cream Cheese Burgers accompanied by home-made chips & green salad (here is the link to the recipe).

Verity’s Unsurpassable Gluten Free Chocolate Brownie (here is the link to the recipe).

A typical choice for my 7 year old but at least the burgers contain onion & parsley. There is also garlic in the cheese – at least these elements feed our beneficial microbes, as does the salad. The burgers were very tasty & we did a mix of sweet potato & normal potato chips (baked) which were great.

What can I say about the Brownie? Don’t make it. Actually do. I had mine with a dollop of Greek Yoghurt that contains Bifidobacteria, Lactobacilli & Streptococcus thermophilus. Plus, I admit that, whilst typing this, I have just gone & stolen another square of left-over Brownie.

Monday  Term begins

School Firework Display (bound to involve CANDY FLOSS!!)

Sourdough Pizza accompanied by a sorrel & rocket salad – I am not kidding you – I am still harvesting this stuff! I know – we had pizza TWICE in 1 week. It was not intentional. Elizabeth & I are creating a project called The Francis Project (named after a bacteria found in sourdough) which involves spreading sourdough starter throughout an entire school originating from just one small batch & one child. The aim is to illustrate the ubiquity of microbes and the effect they have in flour & water. This culminates in the first child passing more sourdough starter to other school children but also making sourdough pizza.

I have had to practise the logistics a fair amount. Hence the pizza glut this week. I hope there will be more about The Francis Project on the website very soon.

Tuesday  Cauliflower, Leek & Mustard Soup accompanied by Wondergut red cabbage kraut. (here is the link to the soup recipe & here is the link to the kraut recipe). This was easy to make but a bit dull if I am honest. Not that popular with the FCs & I had to have the leftovers for lunch the next day.
Wednesday  Fish Day

Water & milk kefir grain donation mission – Cancelled!!

Goan Fish Curry accompanied by sweet potato, spinach & samphire aloo, brown rice & leeks (p126 The Hairy Bikers’ Great Curries). I couldn’t find a link to this recipe online, which is a shame. But the book is great if you are thinking of buying a curry cook book… I tend not to eat or make fish curries so in the spirit of pushing boundaries, I  thought it would be good to make one! This curry was DELICIOUS. However, I followed the chilli instructions fully & the combination of chilli powder & fresh chilli was pretty pokey. The FCs had a good go but it was too strong for them. I will definitely make it again but with less chilli next time. The ad hoc aloo was nice too – just onion and garlic, slow fried, curry paste, cooked sweet potatoes, samphire & spinach (water squeezed out) – and this wasn’t too strong!
Thursday  Toby away on School trip Sourdough Pizza accompanied by spinach & radicchio salad.  See Monday!
Friday Fermentation Demo.

Jamie  – Halloween Party

 Cabbage, Celeriac & Cashew Chilli Noodles accompanied by Brussel sprouts (p56 Waitrose Magazine October 2017 – here is the link to the recipe) We skipped 80% of this recipe by buying spelt noodles instead of knitting our own. Unfortunately, I used the entire Savoy cabbage that was for our meal in the Fermentation Demo I did beforehand so I had to use what remained of a pointed cabbage instead. This was perfectly edible but nothing to write home about.

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