Wondergut Week Commencing 11 November 2017

I am not sure why this week felt like wading through treacle. But it did. Still, everyone got fed & I did manage to sit on the sofa once. Time and tide waits for no man as we gallop recklessly towards Christmas. I am happily planning the food but, for some reason, I am doing an ostrich as far as actually buying gifts is concerned. The closest I have got is writing a recipe for a Christmas Sauerkraut. Can I give this to each of the kids do you think?!

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Food Critics’ Verdict, if worth listening to

Saturday  Jo away on Course all day Coconut & Butternut Squash Curry with Black Sticky Rice accompanied by kale, fennel & naan bread (p162 26 Grains by Alex Hely-Hutchinson – I could not find a link to this online but there are plenty of squash curry recipes out there. Just remember to start with a base of gently fried onions & garlic as this will boost the level of gut bacteria-feeding prebiotics in the curry). I have a bit of a butternut squash glut. It is the first year I have tried to grow them & I was, through nothing other than sheer good luck, rather successful. I thought I hated all squashes but this turns out to be untrue. The education of the FCs on this front remains a work in progress! This curry was full of flavour & very satisfying. There was no moaning from the FCs (probably because there were naan breads to dip into the rich curry sauce). But the boys did not eat a great deal of the squash, itself. I remind myself that they ate more than if I had never served it at all.
Sunday  Georgia’s turn to choose & cook Family Tea

Jo away on Course all day

Jamie – Henry’s party

Lamb Stew with Mushrooms, Jerusalem Artichokes & Scone Topping (from a completely different recipe) accompanied by mashed potatoes, oodles of pointed cabbage & courgettes – here is the link to the stew recipe  & here is the link to the scone topping recipe  – part of a venison recipe One of the things that has changed since we have been trying to eat more diversely, is Georgia’s preparedness to eat a little meat. Having harvested our first round of Jerusalem artichokes from our Wondergut veg. garden this weekend, Georgia has found a recipe that incorporates them. As usual, Keith did not stick to the recipe very precisely! He added some cannellini beans to the stew & added a scone recipe!

Dessert: Nana’s Millionaire’s shortbread – I can’t legitimately provide the recipe for this on a gut health website. Georgia didn’t even use dark chocolate & I am not sure I have ever seen millionaire’s shortbread with a caramel layer THAT thick! We had to freeze lots of slices to stop us eating it all.

Monday  Tomato Baked Eggs accompanied by wholemeal bread, Brussel sprouts & French beans (not sure these will be on the Riverford website for much longer). (p160 Good Food 101 One-Pot dishes – here is the link to the recipe. 3 out of 4 FCs hate tomatoes. So does Keith but this was dead easy & full of flavour. Keith ate ALL of his tomatoes, whilst the boys only ate a little & were pretty unimpressed. Can dislike of tomatoes be genetically inherited?!
Tuesday  Toby Drama trip – back v. late. Jerusalem Artichoke Frying Pan Gratin accompanied by random left-over vegetables – here is the link to the recipe. Everyone loves this except Jamie – there is always one. It is easy & a very comforting as well as packed with prebiotic fibre that makes it to our colon for our microbes to munch. It was especially satisfying to make today because, for the first time, I used Jerusalem artichokes I had grown myself (from artichokes given to me by my friend, Adele) and I dug them up only this morning – from farm (!) to fork to fart in 12 hours!
Wednesday  Fish Day Squid Stuffed with Butter Beans & Tomatoes accompanied by broccoli & Brussel sprouts (p 285 Eat by Nigel Slater – here is the link to the recipe.) Wondergut Winner: Samuel chose this recipe a while ago now & having seen squid in the market for the last few weeks, I put it on the menu. Squid is not cheap, so I just got two to feed 6 of us but this was FABULOUS. The squid, the tentacles, the beans – all of it. Everyone ate well, although 2 FCs didn’t eat many of the beans.
Thursday  Traipse Car over for repairs (this is what happens when my brain is so busy it doesn’t register the reverse parking sensors. Until it is too late.) Baked, Stuffed Squash with Leeks, Gruyere & Spelt accompanied by carrots & cavolo nero. (p21 Waitrose Magazine October 2017 here is the link to the recipe.) I did not buy the ready cooked spelt mix – I soaked some spelt barley instead and used that. I accidentally bought rather larger squash than the recipe intended (it is hard to tell squash size when ordering online….). This was unfortunate as I think the squash looked a bit overwhelming when served to the FCs!! Georgia & I enjoyed it though & it wasn’t that much work (I just had to remember to shove the squash in the oven as soon as we got home). I will try this again but with sensible sized squash next time.
Friday Wondergut Meetings Venison Mince Bolognaise With Onions & Garlic accompanied by wholewheat pasta or brown rice, spinach, cauliflower & parmesan. Keith bought this venison mince a while ago now & everyone was keen to try it. I have never had venison before, but this was very lean & really tasty. Possibly even more tasty than beef mince. Keith bought this lot, so we have no idea of its provenance – maybe it was road kill?! I see that Riverford have organic venison on their website at the moment, but it is almost twice the cost of beef mince. We would love venison again, but maybe as a treat.

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