A delicious accompaniment to any meal – use a batch and freeze a batch.


1 red cabbage

2 onions

Half an apple

300ml approx of red wine vinegar

The smallest smidgen of sugar if you really feel you need it.

Salt to taste (but not too much!)


Slice and chop the red cabbage and blanche it – I put it in a big colander and pour boiling water over it a few times.  The colour that comes out is AMAZING.

Chop up the onions thinly along with the apple.

Put the blanched cabbage in a saucepan with the onion and apple.  Add a pinch of sugar (if necessary) and a pinch of salt.

Pour up to 300ml of red wine vinegar over the contents of the pan and simmer slowly on the hob until it is soft and tasty.  I balance a lid on partially so that the moisture can gradually dissipate.

It keeps very well and actually tastes even better after a few days stored in the fridge.

It freezes brilliantly too so it is efficient timewise to double the ingredients and freeze a batch.

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