These are not gourmet suggestions. This is just a window on what I am trying to do to better support my tribe and their microbial tribes without spending my whole life in the kitchen. All recipes uploaded here have been tested by my Food Critics during a Wondergut Week and been popular – both from the chef’s perspective and the Food Critics’ perspective.

Weekly Menu

Wondergut Week

Planning what to eat each week is time-consuming enough without also trying to shift the choices in a direction that nourishes our microbes. Since I am doing it anyway, I might as well share my weekly choices with you. The Food Critics test the recipes and, where permitted, the good ones get onto the Mains/Soups/Sides/Puddings page. I aim to pick a “Wondergut Winner” each week too – so if you try one recipe a week, try the Wondergut Winner.

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These are the main courses I have introduced to our repertoire here, with the health of our microbiomes in mind. Each one has passed my Food Critics’ Vote – so my family will eat them. Willingly.

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Soups are my saviour – quick and easy to make (or buy) and they provide a great means of “hiding” a broad range of vegetables in one dish.

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Side Dishes

No. We don’t eat parrots as appetisers. I just liked the picture. Here are the side dishes or starter dishes that nourish the tribe and have passed the rigorous quality control that is my family.

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This section is going to be compact and bijou. I am not going to pretend that we can continue to eat puddings frequently without any detrimental effect to our health in the long term. These items are becoming an occasional feature for us and no longer a staple. Here are the ones I have found that I am more comfortable serving.

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Fermented Foods & Drinks

Here, you will find step-by-step recipes for making basic fermented drinks such as milk kefir, water kefir and fermented vegetables. Use them as a platform from which to indulge your own tastes and preferences – the joy is in the experimentation.

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