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  1. A fascinating course, thank you. Comes from a strong evidence-base in what is clearly an important emerging field of medicine. Jo is doing great things to raise awareness of the importance of looking after your microbiome. I will certainly be recommending this to colleagues and hope to attend future courses to improve my fermenting skills!

  2. Thank you Jo for such a great ‘Fermented Vegetable Foray’ day. It was jam packed with so much information and the hands on approach means that it’s all gone into my rather addled brain! The notes you provided are a great aide memoire and I’ve already banged out a Life Changing loaf – (An eleventh hour visit to a whole food shop before it shut for the weekend to find psyllium husks!) and my pearled spelt is soaking ready for a risotto tomorrow.
    Lunch was delicious – one of those meals you don’t want to end. Your passion for all things microbial is obvious and infectious – can you tell?!
    I promise to spread the word …..

  3. Hey Jo,
    So great to see the comments above.
    Just wondering if you’re going to do a sourdough foray? Happy to be a guinea pig!!
    Sally x

    1. Hi Sally – so glad to see that you are keen. Yes, Sourdough Forays will be incorporated before too long – I have lots of microbe-related plans up my sleeve! Watch this space and thanks for offering to be a guinea pig – I may well take you up on that….

  4. Thank you so much Wondergut for an amazing experience. I wasn’t too sure what to expect especially as I didn’t know anyone else attending. Within minutes I was at ease and it felt good to be with a group around a table all working with such lovely organic healthy food. I’m sure that’s what it must have been like once upon a time with the women preparing the food together. Listening to you talk about all the benefits of fermenting food and drink was fascinating and I left wanting to know more. The fermented vegetables taste fabulous as a side and I have even managed to keep my milk and water kefir bacteria alive – I feel quite maternal about them – is that strange? Probably!! Thank you again for such an informative introduction to fermentation in our family life. PS kids not happy with the milk kefir but I hide it in their food and they are none the wiser!!

  5. I absolutely loved my first fermenting foray, the ferments are bubbling away nicely and almost ready to eat. The whole experience was fun, informative and delicious and your passion for microbiomes is infectious. I’d highly recommended it to anyone who’s interested in introducing new and healthy foods into their family’s diet, plus it’s great thing to do with friends. I plan to practice and join the advanced fermentation course in the autumn.

  6. Hi Jo

    I just wanted to say a massive thank you for an incredibly informative, and inspiring morning. My family are already addicted to the ferments we made, and I am about to begin my own experimenting. I especially loved how your depth of knowledge on the subject was woven throughout the workshop. Oh, god, and the lunch was divine. So, thank you.


  7. Really loved my demonstration session Jo, thank you. What a fab, earthy way to spend a few hours learning how to ferment vegetables and learn more about their impact on my microbiomes at the same time. As you say it is not rocket science but nontheless it is reassuring to learn from the experiments of others and reduce the risks of being put off by our own early mistakes.
    My celeriac and red cabbage ferments are looking beautiful and delicious on my kitchen shelves and my water kefir is bubbling away nicely, looking forward to Tuesday evening when they will all be ready. Thanks again x

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