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Jo Webster

I am an ex lawyer and mother to 4 awesome young people. I have been researching health issues since my daughter (now 14) was diagnosed with Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis aged 5. I believe passionately in prevention rather than cure and I am working to help anyone who will listen gather the information they need to enable them to take responsibility for their own health. Knowledge is an incredibly powerful thing. The more information I can spread about the immense influence our gut microbiome has on almost every area of our health, the better. Wondergut HQ is based in Wells, Somerset but the Forays I teach and the Talks I give are portable!


Introducing the Food Critics - the dog is the easiest to please.

Food Critics

Introducing my food critics. Their standards are stringent. And often frustrating. If only their attitude to food was similar to the dog’s… (actually, on second thoughts, I should be careful what I wish for). My aim is not to get disheartened when they turn their noses up. Helping them to learn what foods are genuinely nourishing will help them live a healthy life and it can take many exposures to a certain food before their tastes start to change. Patience is a virtue…..


Kefir Cat

Kefir Cat is unwittingly part of the process. She has an unpleasant habit of stalking the kitchen surfaces. We know this because she leaves foot prints and if we forget to clear every trace of left overs, she eats the lot. She has a particular penchant for kefir but last night she got the mince pies I had left out to feed the chickens.